The Katrina List
Interview Intake Form

Daughter Watching Mother sign The Katrina's List

Ms. Helen signs the Katrina List after waiting in her attic for three days with her husband's remains: September 01, 2005

The Interview Intake Form

The quintessential museum artifact of KNMFM is the Katrina List, which is a spreadsheet of approximately 10,000 names with contact information collected by the museum’s founder in New Orleans after the evacuation for Hurricane Katrina while thousands of residents remained trapped to face the floodwaters of the storm. Every person who was a resident of New Orleans in August 2005 had some association with someone on the Katrina List. Visitors to the museum express a wide variety of emotions when searching the list for familiar names. Some say that they are surprised to know that a particular member on the Katrina List failed to evacuate. Many reveal sadness because a person whom they knew on the Katrina List did not survive the aftermath of the hurricane. All express amazement about this remarkable snapshot of history. The Katrina List, hundreds of photographs, and documents of the founder comprise an unparalleled record of Hurricane Katrina that requires preservation. Please use the intake form below to submit your and/or your family’s unique story as it relates to the timeline of events during Hurricane Katrina. Someone will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your events.
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  • Max. file size: 4 MB.
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